44 Minutes The North Hollywood Shoot-Out full length

After a failed bank robbery, two heavily armed men hold the Los Angeles Police Department at bay for 44 minutes.
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  • l o 3 meses ago

    42:11. Die evil drive-thru key-making kiosk die.

  • ZX10R ABS 3 meses ago

    20 wounded and no cops killed…what a shame…

  • K Fenris 3 meses ago

    Too bad the police CUNT didnt get to die…

  • Avel Dalumpines 3 meses ago

    They should have a sniper or two. What a pity for them.

  • Avel Dalumpines 3 meses ago

    Helicopters with no guns? A waste of time and effort.

  • Avel Dalumpines 3 meses ago

    This police department was ill-prepared because they had no long guns. They were not prepared for the worst scenario. Very bad.

  • Μιχάλης Κ 3 meses ago

    What have you been up to with the stupid
    zoom in; Why do you ruin in that waty the movies? Better not upload them at all.

  • PAUL's DANCING 3 meses ago

    With all the heavy gun violence going on for already many years, cannot believe that the police do not have heavy automated riles in the trunk of their cars.

  • Jack Jones 3 meses ago

    The cops in the gun store getting rifles said "I can't believe they let people buy these" while he buys them and goes out to defend against two psychopaths with automatic AK47s!  It's called the 2nd Amendment.  Bad guys don't obey the laws!!

  • tommy petersen 3 meses ago

    THUNDERSTORM SOUNDTRACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Warpath1337 3 meses ago

    I used to play cards just a few doors down the street, didn't go that day.

  • Rene McIntyre 3 meses ago

    LAPD the only police in this state with BB guns.

  • Icarus Airways 3 meses ago

    Perhaps the problem is not that the boy has no father, but that the mother is the only adult example at home.

  • Hunter Williams 3 meses ago

    Guys must be shitty shots to not kill a single person

  • alif fila69 3 meses ago

    bible?are u kiddingg?thats a book of lie hahaha

  • Rahim Kisoor 3 meses ago

    @1:14:15 willpower over firepower…….dude it was 50 against 2. what if it was equal manpower…..i rest my case!
    This is why the GOV. wants gun control. Imagine 50M gun owners with a bad temper…..they can't have that!

  • Robert Bishop 3 meses ago

    Let's see, many movies are about — southern Sheriffs of small towns, Bank robbers with high power automatic guns, and of course pycho Clowns…makes me want to avoid small towns, banks, and any event with a clown.

  • karlen bain 3 meses ago

    40:54 I see Knight rider getting ready for the move

  • Daz 121 3 meses ago

    An awesome show of bravery, courage, and human companionship , well to dun to the LAPD , and to all bar 2 involved. Bless your strong hart's ,

  • sumerbc 3 meses ago

    A lot of great well known actors in this…… The passenger Russian guy… isn't he the Russian in "Predators".?

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