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Across a glacial vista of Antarctic wilderness a man remembers a lost summer. In London he meets her at the Brixton Academy. Soon he — a British scientist — and her — an American student — commence a torrid love affair built upon the precipice of that unholy trinity of sex, drugs and rock n roll.

Michael Winterbottom, the acclaimed filmmaker behind 24 Hour Party People and The Trip, hereby delivers the audacious 9 Songs, framing its heightened real sex scenes through a relationship formed at the height of the Britpop movement and those key musical acts that define and consecrate the short-lived moment and everlasting memory for the lovers.

Swapping from each of the exceedingly carnal encounters with another type of spectacle that binds the couple together outside of the bedroom — the live music — 9 Songs features performances from the Super Furry Animals. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Elbow, the Von Bondies, Primal Scream, Dandy Warhols, Franz Ferdinand and Michael Nyman as if saluting the era as it passes. Here. Going. Gone. 9 Songs creates a time and place fitting for a generation, and like the striking frozen landscapes of the South Pole, is ultimately fleeting and without limits.
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    9 Songs Blu-ray Collection (trailer) – Accent Films

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