I Am Number Four 1


  • Christian Joseph Tad-y 3 meses ago

    This was an awesome movie. I'm quite sad it has no sequel, and it has been 8 years.

  • la bold 3 meses ago

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  • dominic dela cruz 3 meses ago

    penge naman ng links full movies dito sa youtube tmx

  • dominic dela cruz 3 meses ago

    tnx for sharing

  • Serenity Ava Hailey 3 meses ago

    Hanggang ngayon inaantay ko parin ang part 2 nitong movie.#1-4 and 6 palang characters na napakita

  • Serenity Ava Hailey 3 meses ago

    Likers gonna like

  • Alan Charlton 3 meses ago

    Couldn't the recorder/uploader zoom in any closer?
    Not worth watching all of half a movie.
    Thumbs down from me.

  • Krisna Yuli 3 meses ago

    I'm number four..

  • DJ Krējums 3 meses ago

    Graphic is like my grandmother glasses

  • aileen go 3 meses ago

    Whos here because of fb

  • Midnight Eclipse 3 meses ago

    Man the book is so amazing!

  • Aynaou Abdelfatah 3 meses ago

    حد عرابي هنا ضع ليك عشان احصيكم

  • torovalenzuelapaola 3 meses ago


  • torovalenzuelapaola 3 meses ago

    no tengo palabras

  • torovalenzuelapaola 3 meses ago

    como terminara el chico

  • Dimas Pratama 3 meses ago

    bikin dong yg 2 nya

  • Daisy _Florex 3 meses ago

    Why is the cámara zoomed in?! It annoys me

  • Ann Y. T tawfik 3 meses ago

    الي جاي من الانستقرام لايك🤘🤙👍

  • Anel Valje 3 meses ago

    Gibt's auch in deutsch ? XD

  • bandung makmur 3 meses ago

    where is part 2?

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