Justin Bieber ● Death Scene ● Zoolander 2 ● HD

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  • Just Luke 3 meses ago

    This is what you came here for 1:55

  • effooo2000 and Nieva 3 meses ago

    Well that did the world a favor

  • Sanjeevni Tambekar 3 meses ago


  • Sanjeevni Tambekar 3 meses ago

    I love this movie Justin your my favorite singer

  • Nathan Sanchez 3 meses ago

    Bye bye bitch

  • Nathan Sanchez 3 meses ago

    Makes me smile every time

  • Teresa Allen 3 meses ago

    Justin Bieber really you take a picture before you die that is dumb but I am a big fan of you but good picture love you it was sad when you died😪😪😪😪

  • GDdiggerz 3 meses ago

    How should Justin Bieber die?

    1. Get shot
    2. Get burnt
    3. Drugs
    4. Fall from a great hight
    5. Drown
    6. Get stabbed
    7. Get an electric shock
    8. Get smashed on the head with a hard object
    9. Get hit by rocks
    10. Get launched into space without a space suit
    11. Get thrown onto a giant hard object (e.g. a mountain)
    12. Acid rain
    13. A disease
    14. Get exploded
    15. Get beaten up
    16. Get killed by a beastly animal
    17. Get his head sliced off
    18. Get sliced up in a meat grinder
    19. Fall into lava
    20. Get hung
    21. Drink bleach
    22. Get poisoned
    23. Get hit by a car or some other land vehicle
    24. Get chainsawed
    25. Get washed up by a tidal wave
    26. A deadly chemical
    27. Swallow a grenade
    28. Get tortured
    29. Get trapped under ice
    30. Starve
    31. Suffocate
    32. Get squashed
    33. Being a human shield
    34. Get sucked into a jet engine
    35. Disappear in the Bermuda Triangle
    36. Fall into a black hole
    37. Get involved in a war
    38. Get bitten by groups of deadly bugs
    39. Get amputated
    40. Get poisoned
    41. Quick sand
    42. Get thrown into the sun

  • FootPain123 3 meses ago

    This was uploaded on my birthday!

  • Sync Studios 3 meses ago

    Comment section:
    98% Comments saying the same joke over and over. Such as a kid crying because it's fake or comments saying "The saddest part is he ran out of ammo"

    84% rabid Bieber haters cheering their asses off

    79% Bieberfags crying about this video even though it's fake.

    76% Comments with bad grammar

    65% Comments saying "This video made my day"

    61% Flame wars

    2% Normal comments (Yeah. I think ALL of you guys' comments aren't normal. HATE AWAY!)

  • Oka Aishi 3 meses ago

    Guys!! Everybody saying that he do first a Selfie…just watch the film HE HAS TO DO IT!😡❤❗

  • Jason White 3 meses ago

    Finally he's dead after all this time

  • William Haddix 3 meses ago

    Those are some awesome parkour skills.

  • DaMaGe Br0ny 3 meses ago

    Killer Just Have Paintball Gun Then shooted Justin
    That's why Justin pictured him self XD

  • Derek Calunsag 3 meses ago

    Just as good as the CSI appearance

  • G.N. studio 3 meses ago


  • FBI 3 meses ago

    Drum mag

  • Paula Solis 3 meses ago

    i stil laugh till this day

  • GDdiggerz 3 meses ago

    If Thanos was real he should turn Justin Bieber to dust.

  • pixel 1306 3 meses ago

    the funniest and best death poeple wanted the freakin selfie death

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