Montana Sky 2007

Half-sisters Willa, Tess, and Lily Mercy are left their wealthy father’s multimillion-dollar estate, including his Montana ranch, after his death. The only stipulation is that the women will have to live with each other for a year.
Having never previously met, the three sisters, who have very different personalities, agree to the strange situation (mostly because each of their 1/3rd share is worth 8 million dollars), despite having reservations about their forced family ‘reunion’. The biggest problem the women face, however, is the discovery of a saboteur in their midst.
It seems that when their father died, he left some bitter enemies behind, enemies who would love to see his daughters fail. Now, in order to get what is rightfully theirs, the three siblings will have to work harder than ever before to clean up the mess their father left behind.
During their trial, all three find love, and realize that maybe their situation wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

CAST: Ashley Williams as Willa Mercy; John Corbett as Ben McKintock; Charlotte Ross as Tess Mercy; Diane Ladd as Bess; Laura Mennell as Lily Mercy; Nathaniel Arcand as Adam Wolfchild; Aaron Pearl as Nate Torrence; Tom Carey as Jim; Scott Heindl as Jesse Carne; James Baker as Ham; Donovan Workun as Pickles; Stephen Hair as Ken Campbell; James D. Hopkin as Preacher; Heather Lea MacCallum as Coroner; James Dugan as Vet.
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    Whose watching with me ,from the mountains of northern Philippines

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    sex scene 46:37

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    Nora Roberts is one of my favorite writers are used are your books all the time

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    I wanna hurt the person who cut up Charlie that was not needed evil ex-husband.

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    Love this movie 💖

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    Loved the movie a truly happy ending Thxs 🤩🥰

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    Nice movie

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    Awesome movie!!

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    It's a wonderful movie thanks for sharing

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    "So bill, Bob, Leroy…if we want to have an honest conversation we have to get naked in a hot tub together"…said no men…ever

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    Yaaaa not much for the bonding thing, but living on a ranch sounds good.

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    Great movie…

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    Beautiful family. ..thank you for sharing

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    Great movie and a good story Tx for the upload AM

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    Beautiful movie ❤️ Worth watching.

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