Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella (1997 Film)


  • Tessa WB 1 mes ago

    Love this version of Cinderella

  • MV Singh 1 mes ago

    Why am I crying 😭 💞💞💞

  • Ackles_26 1 mes ago

    Makes me want to rewatch sister act

  • Emma Jones 1 mes ago

    I allway love this film.

  • MizuKageG 1 mes ago

    When I was a kid while watching this I didn't find anything weird about their races all being different. I just assumed since it was on TV, it's true….Wow the innocence of youth.

  • Gica Reyes 1 mes ago

    The prince is definitely adopted.😂🙌😂🙌😂🙌

  • Sakura Minn 1 mes ago

    Brandy is so beautiful and did amazing in this movie she should act more.

  • Angelique Vilardi 1 mes ago

    I used to watch this movie all the time when I was younger it’s such a magical movie ! My grandma got me a pandora with a Cinderella quote because she said it reminded her of this movie that I always used to watch at her house. Wow I’m crying because it brings back so many good memories and I still remember this song off by heart 😌😍

  • Molly Hosnedl 1 mes ago

    I am still wondering how in the world I haven’t seen or heard of this version of Cinderella before!!! I love it 💕

  • Kristeen Bartness 1 mes ago

    Been looking for this movie for years! 🤗🤗

  • ***VIXEN *** 1 mes ago

    "beauty knows no pain darling" quoted on my wedding day by my dear mother  XD as they tighted my courset!!!! XD

  • Positively Udo 1 mes ago

    @43:05 omg lmao wtf girl?

  • Positively Udo 1 mes ago

    This was a big deal. Because black women are considered the least desired female and asian men are considered the least desired men. How this happened in 1997 but people lose their minds when it’s done in 2019 is beyond me.

  • Paballo Dinku 1 mes ago

    And Arial is black 💃🏽🌺🍾🎉💕

  • Letti Loo 1 mes ago

    such a beautiful movie

  • OC Lover 1 mes ago

    I still think Whitney should've been the Mom and Whoopi the Godmother…

  • Cecily Dossett 1 mes ago

    I love everything about this movie. I watched this every day after school for at least a year. I'm still completely in love with all the funkiness, color, character, talent, and perfection. I had the stepsisters' duet stuck in my head today and knew it was time for a rewatch. <3 #TeamMinerva

  • MissKilman 1 mes ago

    Minerva the step sister is so pretty!

  • Natalia Mwinzi 1 mes ago

    Nostalgia! Yes, love this movie

  • Eleni Madai Gonzalez Haro 1 mes ago

    No me gusta que la quiten la quiero ver diario .pero también en español

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