The Call TRAILER (2013) – Halle Berry Movie HD

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The Call TRAILER (2013) – Halle Berry Movie HD

In order to save a young girl’s life, an emergency operator must confront a killer from her past.


  • Stef Accoo 3 meses ago

    I watched this when I was like 2 and I remember it so I decided to come back (I wasn’t actually two but I don’t remember what age)

  • Nicks 92 videos 3 meses ago

    My favorite thriller movie in the last decade it's so realistic and terrifying awesome movie anyone that loves thrillers or horror movies defiantly recommend this great movie.

  • Altagracia Lantigua Sanchez 3 meses ago

    Good Morning DHS system..😎😎😎

  • MiraDinoh 3 meses ago

    Thank god I’m not blonde

  • Cheska Levisque 3 meses ago

    They based this on real life right?

  • Louise Jensen 3 meses ago

    Only thing missing- Throught they would torture him at the end! Dissapointed they just left him

  • Louise Jensen 3 meses ago

    Very good movie!!
    Was excited to see it and it was even Much Better Than I throught!
    Was affraid it might get boring and be in a loop but not at all.

    Thumbs up👍👍👍👍

  • Amanda Uppman 3 meses ago

    Me and my friends saw this film today, and I liked it

  • Rf B 3 meses ago

    I watched it when I was 11, I still can’t sleep without bunch of stuff under my bed and in my closet, I can’t stand any empty area that could hide someone inside it.

  • Trang Nguyễn 3 meses ago

    The ending was so great! 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • pRIEDIS pRIEDAINIS 3 meses ago

    2019 and still great movie

  • Carmen Trance 3 meses ago

    Call is being disconnected.

  • FLIFLA 3 meses ago

    Mbs 2

  • dobazajr 3 meses ago

    The movie is an edge of your seat. Fantastic acting, screenplay and an intense from start to ending. Modern Silence of the Lambs flick.

  • Mousumi Ghosh 3 meses ago

    Good movie

  • Sunniva Værnes 3 meses ago

    I have seen the movie its very good

  • Tesla Hearld 3 meses ago


  • KsenonSpamsL2 3 meses ago

    One of the best movie i ever seen

  • taylor sloan 3 meses ago

    it was a good movie

  • Dan Eddie Loayon 3 meses ago

    This trailer is stupid af.. It showed everything from the movie.. And so many spoilers

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