The Tragedy Of Flight 93 (9/11 Documentary) | Real Stories

Moving and at times harrowing documentary telling the astonishing story of the passengers and crew on hijacked United Flight 93, dubbed ‘the first American heroes of the 21st century’.

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  • Peace Shaheed 2 meses ago

    Fake bs God damn amerikkka and israel!!!

  • Edo Satria Winata 2 meses ago

    United airlines and now American airlines right?

  • R K 2 meses ago

    I was a junior in college..still can't talk about that morning..

  • the Quez way 2 meses ago

    This is y i dont fly

  • SLEEPY KING 2 meses ago

    Seeing this is truly horrifying

  • Tammie Weiss 2 meses ago

    Heroes, all of these passengers 💕

  • Garrett Ulch 2 meses ago

    Damn Arabic people

  • Juan Gallardo 2 meses ago

    I would try to fight but in the moment I’d be scared for my family they get it the hardest one someone dies

  • mary vail 2 meses ago

    49:28 gets me every time. You can tell he’s trying to be strong but can’t do it

  • Imacheesestick 2 meses ago

    This is so sad I saw people die this I already knew about 9 11

  • Miranda Ceballos 2 meses ago

    Rest in heavenly peace to all the heroes who were killed 😢🥀🌹

  • Trayvon Adams 2 meses ago

    I wish that the passengers all on flight 93 that stude up and fough back I wish that it had passengers like that on the other planes 11 175 77💪💪

  • Kevin Smith 2 meses ago

    America lied by their own government. We all know it was well planned and many brilliant scientists has proved it

  • Troy Mark 2 meses ago

    bullshit – all mobile calls were made on the ground at a milatary base – all passengers and crew were assinated

    prove me wrong ??

  • Just some girl 2 meses ago

    I move to Canada by plane. On September of 11th. 2019 years. Poor people. I do not like plane. So sad. I sorry.

  • brad mack 2 meses ago

    Phones don't work thAT high up, the scar in the ground in shanksville, a google search will show you it was there years before, mining did it. People are so uneducated.

  • Leslie Ellis 2 meses ago

    that Deena voice ..SO ANNOYING … I think the men aboard waited to long do anything .. BUT WHO KNOWS UNLESS ABOARD

  • Maxi Vibez 2.0 2 meses ago

    Yo my dad and mom got on a plane a couple months after 9/11 and were scared that it would happen again 😰 luckily it didn’t 😊 then they had me 7 years later

  • ruzzell907 2 meses ago

    United flight 93 was supposed to be headed to Washington DC to attack the White House. Despite they were all doomed, they still fought. What they didn't know was that they saved countless people on the ground.

  • izraul hidashi 2 meses ago


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